is now live!

I’m excited to announce that is now live! It’s sort of a search tool with data visualization components for KPIs (“indicadores”) that exists in Portuguese Primary Care. I have imagined it for more than a year, and it’s trying to answer questions that I have in my daily life as a Family Medicine Resident when I’m working with KPIs: How many KPIs exist? How do KPIs work? How to quickly find specific KPIs (e....

May 2, 2023

webapps and tutorials

This week has been exciting. I have this NLP project cooking inside my head (for some time now) and I’ve been speeding through many youtube tutorials on both backend and frontend structure. For the backend, I’ve been cruising through Pinecone, LangChain and OpenAI API, thanks to tutorials from James Briggs and Data independent. Google colab has been my best friend. Even though the backend is the new exciting stuff, I have a sweet spot for the way it’s presented....

March 11, 2023