Summer is over! Time to MLOps

This summer was rough. The beguining was going well. I finished my project for Predictive Methods of Data Mining at NOVA IMS. I’m pretty happy with the results. We ended up used streamlit, and we got a pretty good score on Kaggle with our rather simple neural network. =D I also watched the LLM Bootcamp 2023, which gave me a lot of insight on the current state of LLMs. But my side projects were slowing down....

October 29, 2023


Last time I posted a blog post, I almost went nuts to make it work. I couldn’t remember how to publish a post. I don’t know what it was, maybe guithub pages, maybe the quarto framework, but definitly my dumbness was a big part of it. I just can’t grasp yet how all this unintuitive git shenanigans work. So I’ve been postponing my new blog post, knowing what awaited me....

June 18, 2023
Diogo Carapito

hello, world!

I’ve been charging into different directions on my journey to build a bridge between health and tech (NLP and LLMs, I’m looking at you). There is so much potential and I have so many ideas! So, lately I’ve been: grinding through Practical Deep Learning for Coders (just finished the 4th lesson this week) exploring website domain name stuff and setting up an website of my previous project (Primary care KPIs exploration tool, mgfhub....

March 5, 2023