I’m excited to announce that mgfhub.com is now live!

It’s sort of a search tool with data visualization components for KPIs (“indicadores”) that exists in Portuguese Primary Care. I have imagined it for more than a year, and it’s trying to answer questions that I have in my daily life as a Family Medicine Resident when I’m working with KPIs:

  • How many KPIs exist?

  • How do KPIs work?

  • How to quickly find specific KPIs (e.g. which KPIs are related to diabetes?)

  • What’s the impact of each KPI in the main performance index (“IDG”)?

Information was scattered in different places. I ended up scrapping the data from the official platform (SDM) and creating a database with all the information I needed. I merged the info with the official documentation and created a webapp.

The information is displayed in table form, with filters and a search bar using basic fuzzy logic search. There is an alternate card form with some graphics too.

mgfhub table

There is also a sunburst chart to visualize the weight of each KPI in the main performance index (IDG).

mgfhub sunburst

I used Flask as my framework, Dash and Bootstrap to make it pretty. I hosted it on Render and I used Cloudflare to manage the domain (even though for my subsequent projects I ended up using Porkbun, it’s way simpler and close to the same price).

There are still some rough edges, it’s a work in progress, but I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished so far.