I’ve been charging into different directions on my journey to build a bridge between health and tech (NLP and LLMs, I’m looking at you). There is so much potential and I have so many ideas!

So, lately I’ve been:

Initially I thought implementing a blog with Dash and publish it on pythonanywhere.com, since I’ve worked with Flask in the past months. But that would take more time to set up something that might be already solved.

During fast.ai lessons Jeremy talked about fastpages, but seems that the project has been discontinued.

I found REPL Notes, it had a pretty and simple solution. It seems that the paid version wasn’t functioning right and it was too strict for personalization.

I ended up with fastpages’ sucessor quatro.org. It offers enough personalization with clean and minimalistic visuals (thanks bootstrap). It has both code snippets and python visual implementation available. cool B-)

That’s what I appreciate the most: efficient implementation and task automation that saves time.

I’m super excited about the upcoming future (with NLP everywhere!). Now that I have finished implementing my blog, I can check it out from my to-do list:)